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Water Services, Drainage, Driveways and Groundworks

Trenchless Technology in Kent

AandD Trenchless Technology

A & D Contractors use "Trenchless Technology"

in groundworks in Kent


Using "moleing" devices we are able to minimise ground disturbance when laying pipe work, drains or cable routes and repairing pipe work and drains. When repairing collapsed drains our "mole" is able to use the existing pathway to tunnel through and allow an industry certified lining to be inserted or other certified repair be made.

Using moleing devices we are able to plan a route that avoids existing services, foundations and tree roots. We can therefore install a drainage or cable facility with the minimum of damage to the environment and in a cost-effective manner without the manpower of conventional digging.

On highways A and D contractors can use trenchless moles to work beneath the carriageway without stopping the traffic flow as with conventional groundwork repairs. The frustration, the  lost time and pollution due to traffic delays is dramatically reduced.

  • Economical
  • Minimises road closures
  • Reduce traffic queuing
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Quicker than conventional trenching

If you have a need to repair sewer drainage or water supply pipe then trenchless technology can help you.

If you need to lay new water supply or water drainage or install other conduit for any cable supply then trenchless technology can help you.


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